What kind of laptop a gamer needs?

What to Look for in a Gaming Laptop

Laptop for gamers has a different purpose. Not just any laptop will suffice for a gamer. It is hard to find one that fully suits a gamers needs. One has to choose from a plethora of options like the RAM, different processors, display, graphics, and other features to have the best gaming laptop. It is quite obvious that you would like to have the best gaming experience at all times, right?


The most important requirements for a good gaming laptop include:

Always ensure to have the latest and the best graphic chipset or the graphic card when choosing a gaming laptop. The most imperative component in a gaming laptop will be the graphics card, or GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). Quicker and the best possible graphics make up to become one of the best gaming laptop. The basic choice to make would be between NVIDIA and AMD.

One should prioritize gaming laptop decisions around GPU. Having two GPUs in a laptop is better than having one GPU when it comes to gaming performance

The CPU or, Central Processing Unit or the processor is the 2nd most important chip in a gaming laptop. The Central Processing Unit is the heart of a computer. Whether it is to run the applications or even the operating system, the CPU plays the major role. It determines how a computer will perform. A CPU that runs at a great speed means faster running programs; however, it also means to own an expensive laptop.


For a gaming laptop, RAM is extremely vital. A good RAM means that multiple applications and high end games can be run on the system without lag. However, one does not need more than 8GB or 16GB of RAM for gaming. A graphic card memory also includes a video RAM or the VRAM.


The hard drive won’t have much impact on gaming performance. A massive hard drive is needed to store all those huge games. An SSD (Solid-State Drive) isn’t essential, but it’s definitely preferred. Given the choice between SSD and HDD one should always go for SSD.


How about playing your favorite game on a bigger and better screen? Well, this involves having the best and latest screen specifications in order to have a magnificent gaming experience.

Bigger screens are more fun to game on, but they’ll make the laptop bigger, and bulkier. A 1920x1080p resolution is perfect. Consider 1366×768 only if you’re looking at a low-end model.


When it comes to gaming and high end laptops, heat is the major problem. The hardware will eat up the battery life sooner than expected and this triggers excessive heat generation. High-end GPUs are fast, but also generate heat and consume power. Higher screen resolutions are also power hungry.


Investing in high quality headphones or portable speakers and a USB or a wireless mouse can enhance the gaming experience.

RAM, High end graphics, screen display and the processor speed are a crucial combination in a gamers’ ultimate machine. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the fantastic and never ending gaming experience today!

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