Why is It Better to Buy IPS Monitor over Normal LCD Monitor

Prior to choosing the right monitor for your desktop, let us understand the IPS technology in detail. IPS stands for In-Plane Switching. This is a technology that enhances color and viewing angle in LCD.  IPS is not integrated with all the LCD monitors. It is available with large screens that are used in industries where picture clarity is critical to the medical field and multimedia. Doctors performing surgeries require high clarity pictures and these screens come handy in such situations.


A normal LCD has twisted nematic technology due to which people sitting at an angle other than straight do not have clear picture visibility. Simultaneously, the colors on screen don’t look same when viewed from different angles.

The IPS technology evolved over the years since its inception in 1996. Super IPS, Advanced Super IPS, and IPS-Pro are the names of improved versions. Recently, AS-IPS was found that allows light to pass through opaque objects and produce cleaner and crispier images.  It also reduces power consumption considerably. The IPS-Pro is very advanced and expensive as it produces high-quality images suitable for industrial engineering and scientific processes.

Apart from IPS, Vertical Alignment and Twisted Nematic are other panel types that are typically available in the market. All three differ in pixel presentation and responsiveness. TN panels are most prevalent that are very responsive and economically priced. VA panels are least sensitive but produce high contrasting and clear images.

The panels with IPS clearly stand out based on accuracy of image projection, clarity, colour, and wide viewing angles that are not featured in other panel types.

Knowing the various panel types and their features, consider the below rules for buying a monitor.

Understand your need – It is important to plan the use of the monitor that you want to buy like email and browsing internet. Keep a note of ergonomic options. Other important points to consider are picture resolution, screen size, and compatibility options.

Warranty Options – Warranty period and return policy are key aspects of monitor. These differ with each manufacturer. Beware of these policies before putting cash on monitors especially on less popular Ask for support options provided by manufacturer post warranty period.

Performance – Go through online reviews on various monitor models by popular tech magazines before setting to purchase. Nothing better than seeing the model in person at local store to confirm and pick the suitable model.

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